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A no-nonsense approach to help you reduce desk-bound symptoms, improve posture and build confidence

Results-driven personal training with 10+ years of experience in helping busy professionals gain confidence in themselves.

Limited slots available from February 2022.

What to expect

I offer a holistic approach to improving your fitness and wellbeing, and achieve sustainable results for busy people. My motivation is to help you optimise your body so you can have a healthy work life balance and enjoy doing recreational activities. 


Acknowledge your needs


Always strive for progress


Over 10 years of service

We’ve been working together for five months, and even though my schedule is not always predictable or consistent, I can feel significant improvements in my strength and mobility. Felix has been incredibly adaptable and encouraging.
Maria Gutierrez
VP of Engineering at Twitter

What we focus on

Innate Strength

Efficiency can help mitigate injuries by minimising and distributing the mechanical stress of movement.

Flexibility & Mobility

Rediscover your natural ability to learn to move and feel better. Staying active should feel vigour and empowering.

Body Control & Awareness

Increase your ease, coordination and range of motion by working with your nervous system – not against it. 

My Mission

To provide the opportunity for you to take back control of your health, feel energised and boost vitality. 

You don’t need to accept the sedentary side effects.

You shouldn’t convince yourself this is “normal” and the price you have to pay for working hard. Together we can mitigate pain and discomfort (such as lower back pain, tight, hips, shoulder discomfort) that comes with the desk-bound hours. 

Together we can explore better ways to help you live a healthier life.

With each client, I aim to help you through improving body awareness, build strength and flexibility to achieve stronger resilient bodies. And spend the rest of your time doing the things you want to do!

Client Testimonials

We have a proven track record in delivering results to the highest standard and share a reputation for PT excellence.

It’s refreshing to see a personal trainer who’s excellent at stripping back the ‘noise’ we have accumulated from previous training regimes and he seeks to get back to basics, helping to establish a solid foundation to build upon.
Phillip Roberts
CEO at Perivan Ltd
Whether it was back to daily life pain free or peak physical sporting performance, Felix did a fantastic job analysing and improving different movement patterns in conjunction with physiotherapy to help get patients where they wanted to be!
Cassandra Lyall
Chartered Physio

Available for 1-on-1 & small group personal training

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